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Does any one use Nu Finish? Orange bottle


I used it many years ago and liked it at the time for what I was doing



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I do. Easy on and easy off. Seems to do a good job protecting and gives a nice shine. I am FAR from being an authority on this stuff though. I see our mechanic at work with so many bottles of new stuff that are probably better but I've never tried them. That reminds me. I'm down to about a 1/3 bottle of NF. With all 3 vehicles to wax this spring I need to get more. Used to be a little hard to find. Harbor Freight even has it now.

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I just did some reading on nu finish. I was wondering if it had abrasives to polish


No abrasives in it. So its not actually a polish , its a sealer


I dont want abrasives so that's good.


I noticed maguiars NXT tech wax 2 and Ultimate now have synthetic polymers in them


I have some maguiars Tech Wax ive been using. It doesnt last very long at all. And I just use water when washing,,,, no detergent type soap


I have some ivory soap I might use to wash then use Maguiars or Nu Finish right after



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Posted (edited)

FWIW, I have been using Zaino Brothers products for about 10 years now.  


Ive gotten lazy in the last 5 or more years, so all I use is the Z-AIO, when I have some extra cash laying around the Z6 quick detailer & when they need it, the clay to pull all of the crud out of the paint (but any one will do the same thing, its all about the elbow grease).  




when I had my black Camaro, I did the 80 step, uber nice show shine deal & WOW did it make the car beautiful!!  


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ENTIRELY too long.  It was not really 80 steps, but it sure did feel like it when I was done.  


wash Car with Dawn

Clay entire car to get all of the gunk out of the paint.

wash car again

put "wax" on

put "wax sealer/super charger/whatever" on

put clear gloss coat super shiner stuff on

detail plastic & rubber

detail tires, shocks & other stuff you can see (and not see).

clean & detail the interior...





took an entire weekend.  BUT DAMM did the car look good.  Probably the best it ever looked.  one day of crappy weather............ all for nothing....  Well, not really, when you have it all cleaned up & sealed up good, it cleans up nice with the quick detailer.   The car never saw water & a sponge after that.  

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Posted (edited)

I got a work out this morning,

Washed my truck with Ivory dish soap and Waxed most of the truck


I used a free sample pack of Maguiars Ultimate on the roof and Maquiars Tec Wax ll NXT. on the hood front fenders, bed sides and tail gate top part of doors, cause thats what I had.

 I'm going to get some Nu Finish next time im at the store


Worked up a good sweat  :cool:


I used some Blue Magic aluminum polish on one of my Rims last Saturday. 3 more to go


My nice clean shiny waxed truck should last about 1/2 hour.... Because I live on a dirt road and also dogs and horses are always kicking up dust too



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Typically a paint sealant that is made by many companies is the most ideal base, and you can layer a wax type product over the top of it, as wax's typically don't have a long life span. However the paint sealant creates a layer of protection that lasts along the lines of 6+ months, dependent on garage kept, how frequently washed etc.

Below is an example of a paint sealant, and you can apply by hand or machine. This is the ultimate in protection, and the "shine" can be enhanced by adding your wax on top of this. Your vehicle will need to be clayed using a clay bar to remove all contaminants to ensure the paint sealant adheres to the bare paint, versus having a layer of crud between your paint and sealant. Keep in mind I truly like to wash/shine my vehicles, its like a therapy for me.


-Paint Sealant: Both of the below paint sealants are Made in the USA, and both great companies.





-My favorite product to spray on and wipe off and offers incredible shine:


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