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Blue Top Steering Rebuild

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I'm going to kick this off with a rebuild thread here. Ryan @Blue-Top Steering was nice enough to set me up with the seal kit for my steering box. 


The only tool I had to borrow was a pitman arm puller. First thing I did was tie the steering wheel to the seat base in the center position. This is to protect the clock spring more than anything. Next I pulled the pitman arm nut and lock washer. Slipped the pitman arm over and using a 1/2 drive ratchet pulled a good load of pressure on it and smack the pitman arm a bit with a hammer to free it. Pulled a bit more and off it came. Then moved up to the 13mm socket and wobble head ratchet and spun the pinch bolt out. Wiggle the coupler and steering shaft came right off. Next was reaching up with a 3/4" wrench and pulled the power steering hoses. Make sure to have a catch bucket it will drain the system. Mine had a bit of a foul smell might be time for another flush which most of the system will be emptied. That left me the 3 bolts holding the steering gearbox on the frame.




So in a timely manner, Blue Top's seal kit shows up today. The only thing I had changed up is the input shaft seal could one of two different designs. I had Ryan supply both seals.



To be continued on my next day at home. 

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