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Blue Top Steering Gear (Quick Ratio)


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I got the new steering Blue Top Steering Gearbox yesterday. Didn't take me much to get it installed. After getting the system filled with fluid and getting the air out of the system. Tell you the truth there isn't much difference between my old box and the Blue Top right off the bat sitting in the shop. Being my old OEM box was tight yet the Blue Top reacts the same way sitting in the shop. Now I roll out the door and get going to McCall, ID. On the highway there isn't much difference between than my OEM box and Blue Top either being you more or less keep it straight most of the time again my old box was still tight. Where the Blue Top Steering Gearbox really shines in in the city. Now hooking right and left turns this box is quick and feels good and fast. I tend to do back streets in McCall less traffic and stop and go. I was able to wheel around the city with better ease compared to the slow ratio box I had. 


It's Tuesday so I've got to make a long haul today to Ontario, OR today for MoparMom. So I'll get plenty of seat time playing with that box and be able to report even more when I get home. 







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