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Article - Ram Truck Order Status and descriptions

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This article covers the general process you go through when you order a new truck through a dealer.
We have split the status's into stages to help you understand the steps.  Mopar1973man.com made up the "stages"   When you order a new truck these are the status's that they use.   You can find your status 1 of 2 ways.  1. contacting your dealer they can find hte order info and give you a status.   The dealer can look up the order via VON or VIN.  2. you can go to https://www.ramtrucks.com/webselfservice/ram/index.html and click Live Chat.  They can always lookup by VIN, and sometimes find it via VON.   The live chat will be much more reliable in Stage 3 of the build when you have a VIn.
If you are financing you should figure out how much you can afford, but not run your credit / loan process until your truck is on the lot.  A lot of times the loan will expire after 30 days.   If you get financing at stage 1 of the process your loan will likely expire.
1. you go in or call in with what you want.
2. dealer will build up the order and have you review.  This is a good time to ask to see colors / options in the lot 
3. Once you are ok with the list the dealer will likely take a deposit from you.  It is a good idea to use a Credit Card so that if something doesn't go right you can dispute the charges. 
4. The dealer will now have a VON or Vehicle order number.  This is how the truck is referenced until it has a VIN.  You are now in stage 1 of the process.   The Factory does not know about the order until stage 3
5. Now you wait.  If all is well you should move through B status's , which is order confirm and ensuring that there are no mistakes, in ~ 1 week.   IF your truck has low volume opitions then you may stay in BG status until enough units are ordered for the factory to schedule.  
6.  Vehicles may go through several stages in one day.. example is going from b status to D status,  there is a c status between but it is doubtful you will see C status.
7. once you hit D status the order should now have a Vin.  The dealer will not release the Vin until D1 status.  
8. You should hit D1 status, the factory now has a good idea / guess as to when the truck will leave the factory.  This is when you get a VIN.
9.  Your truck should move through D1 > E > F > G over the next few weeks. 
10.  You may or may not see status I / J / JB / JE / JS depending on your order opitions.  JS is commonly referred to as storage where they wait for shipping.
11.  you have now hit stage 5 where the factory is done with it and the railroad takes over.  Good news your truck is on it's way to you.  
12. you get the truck and pay for it.
Stage 1 
BA: New order that hasn't been checked, this is the status when the order is first put in.  Only the dealer knows about it
BB: Review by fleet department, the order is now being processed.
BD: Special equipment processing.  This is where things like snow plow prep etc get checked.  Special items.
BE: Edit error
BG: Passed edit n/a for schedule.  This is where the order can sit and wait for things like low volume paint where there needs to be x number or similar orders
BGL: Edit ok parts unavailable
BX: Passed edit available for schedule  
Stage 2
C: Sub firm - Tentative schedule  Now the factory knows about the order.
Stage 3
D: Firm schedule - dealer has allocation and all parts available
D1: Gateline schedule - scheduled to be built
Stage 4
E: Frame
F: Paint
G: Trim
I: Built not ok'd
J: Built ok'd
JB: Shipped to Upfit Center
JE: Emission check
JS: Shipped to storage
Stage 5
KZ: Released by plant , invoiced
KZL: Released - not shipped
KZM: First rail departure
KZN: First rail arrival
KZO: Delayed/recieved
KZOA: Plant holds
KZOB: Zone/distribution holds
KZOC: Carrier delays
KZOD: Carrier holds
KZOE: Mis-shipped vehicle
KZOF: Show/test vehicle
KZOG: Damaged vehicle
KZOH: All other reasons
KZT: Second rail departure
KZU: Second rail arrival
KZX: Delivered to dealer
Stage Canceled
ZA: Canceled, the dealer or you have canceled the order

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Now I know the alphabet is attacking me. This twice in one day. 


So after all of this, just where do you stand on your truck?

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When I bought mine the dealer had none on the lot and we started shopping dealers on the net. Sure was a lot easier finding one with a VIN and not a VON.

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