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Well I got a 01 3500 stock auto slush box. stock hy turbo. stock, stock, stock. Easier to talk about the few upgrades I do have. Airdog 150, BHAF, Old programmer/tuner from like 2002. I am at cross roads as to what to do next. one is how to build the engine. The other is what tranny to put in it. My goals are to have a tow monster and power to have fun with. I don't mind slow turbo spool up speed but i do want one hell of a loud turbo whistle from the intake. I want compound turbos and I know a single turbo might be an option but am thinking it can't do it. I am able to fab up the mandrel bent pipe for the intake. I am not opposed to buying a bolt on kit just need to weigh my options. I will do studs and maybe upgrade the intake springs to run higher boost to get more whistle if it would be worth it. Not sure what combo of turbos to get, or what injectors to put in it. The tranny will be a 47re of course or adding two extra gears to it with an Allison. A bolt on Allison is 12k down to 5k. The transmission is the toughest decision to make. I know the 47re can do it but will it hold up for 200,000 miles like the Allison will all stock. Almost forgot i need an exhaust brake on this setup as well. As far as HP numbers go i don't know. The Airdog might be my limiting factor on that. Just trying to weigh all the options I have for the setup I want.

Forgot to mention 4x4 and 4 inch exhaust

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Well there’s a lot going on here so I’ll address part.


Without getting into a debate, the 47re can be built to handle what you’re talking about no problem. Will that last for 200k not sure, but that’d be the same response for any other trans with that much power and that time. I’ve had 2 trucks with all stock 47re’s make it over 175k on a stock power truck no problem so they can last that long, just stock power. 


Not quite sure what the infatuation with the turbo whistle is but if you go compounds, you’ll hear it. Compounds and slow spool don’t really exist on daily driven setups. Exhaust brake might be tough (or non existent) with compounds but maybe an inline one will work but I don’t know for a fact.

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Posted (edited)

Allison isn't the end-all be-all that everyone thinks it is.  A well built 47RE will be more than enough for your goals. You will be pushing a stock Allison pretty close to its max for what you want to do.

Tow pig / fun vehicle can be had with a single 62 or 64.5 mm.  If you're dead set on compounds, an HX35/475 combination and 7 x 0.011's for a good 525ish HP.  If you're looking for more, larger secondary turbos are available. And yes, compounds will have more turbo whistle.

Then the next question is exhaust housing sizes.  The tighter you go, the more low end torque you have, but less top end horsepower. 

Studs and valve springs are a necessity with what you want to do. 

Finally, you may consider jumping to a tuner with wiretap capability, such as the Adrenaline V2.

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 Thanks for the input so far. The turbo whistle is mechanical music for me and i want it to sing like the fully built sled pullers. I know that is not practical but I would like to get as close as i can with my tow pig. I did some shopping for the Allison and found that it has an optional PTO. With that i could do a lot like put a hydraulic pump to run ????? well anything from a wench to a generator for my camper, but still not sure if that is the right way to go. My truck tows the slide in camper and a 10k trailer, picks up the kids from school, grabs the gallon of milk, ect. I do want reliability because i go deep in the woods camping with it. I put this post up to brain storm and find out how to get to my goal, so ideas and thoughts out side the box are appreciated too. Well since the compound turbo will whistle better i will go that route, but what combo do i need? I would go for the bigger exhaust housing since i have an auto tranny. Give me a set of blue prints and i can build it but i can't build the blue prints. I don't get all that science stuff with turbos. I get lost when trying to size a turbo looking at a compressor map.

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6 hours ago, quoris said:

I don't get all that science stuff with turbos. I get lost when trying to size a turbo looking at a compressor map.

I'm with you on that, I guess I just never sat down and thought about it that hard. I got a single 62/67/12 and I like it, but with everyone lately going to compounds thinking about it myself now, just need to figure out what I'll tell wife without starting a war. I believe you could still use an exhaust brake he'll just have to be an inline one, but I am not 100% sure if it effects the way compounds work, I just thought was part of the reason I got a turbo I have so I can still use my bolt on exhaust brake. 

@jlbayes will be your best advisor on compounds and injectors.

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