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I've done several updates to the software. 


Switched from SparkPost Email to SendGrid Email. There were issues with using SparkPost email servers being the IP address could be tainted by other email users. This would make it possible for another site to blacklist mail from our site. I moved over to SendGrid which is also a paid email server but clean IP address. I'll be getting a newsletter together soon for the members. As for the zero poster members I've sent them all an email to hopefully get them to come on over and start posting and interacting with the other members. 


Adblocker detector I've added this plugin to enhance the revenue of the advertising for the website. Right now it's basically the only source of income for the rest of the summer unless we sell products from the store. I've gone through and double checked that all "Guest" and "Members" see the full rack of ads. Anyone that donates will get a reduction of ads more you donate the fewer ads you'll see. Either way, we'll produce an income either by donation or by advertising dollars we need to keep the server and bills paid. This latest update covers a wider range of Adblocker.


Members map had several minor fixes since the release of the 4.3.x IPS software.


Classified Ads had several minor fixes since the release of the 4.3.x IPS software.


Garage and Donations also had several fixes since the release of the 4.3.x IPS software. There were several layout and display issues. Including a date and time issue. Also had the author tweak in a vehicle tag for the mobile users and should be in the next version of the software.


Mail Bouncer plugin was added as for a way to clean up the email addresses on the site. I was getting tired of newbies necromancer a super old thread back to life and the net result was members of that time frame were being sent emails notifying of updates to the post either the older members where long gone and email address was dead and bouncer (negative score) or the person would no longer Dodge owner and just mark the email as SPAM (negative score). So to stop this problem in its tracks is fairly simple really. Ad the Mail bouncer to the site software, have a bulk email server, and now send out a newsletter to all members. Now what happens is the bulk email server sends out the email. Now the server tracks everything from being marked spam or bouncing. The API link between the email server and the website communicates this back and Mail Bouncer now locks the accounts of the members that bounce or marked as SPAM. This way emails are no longer sent to these people period! Their email address is considered invalid and so is the account since there is no way to communicate to the person. Now we have a clean email database and blacklisting issues are over! These members can re-instate there account only ONCE! After that your account is lock for good...




Server wise I've kept the software up to date. No issues really to speak currently. I've beefed up the security of the website by changing several things at the server level to make it harder to access the server (hacker).

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