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Why is causing my truck to airlock?

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My truck has airlocked on me twice in a few months. The first time I didn't know what happened it just shut off while driving and I had to have it towed. The second time I cracked the injector lines and it fixed it. I do remember that each time this happened it was right after I goosed her a bit and let off the throttle. I would like to figure out what is causing it so I don't have to worry about it shutting off in the middle of traffic again.   

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If you let off the throttle to quickly you can introduce air back into the injectors lines and airlock the system. Typically occurs with modified engines with high boost pressure abilities. I would have the injectors check for pop pressure and see if any are low. 310 bar (4500 PSI) is stock value. 293 bar (4250 PSI) is the lower limit then 327 bar (4750 PSI) is the upper limit of stock.

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