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Factory lift blocks

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Hello all. New to the site and thankful for finding a bunch of likeminded people. This is my 5th Cummins it’s a 2002 6spd 2500 longbox 4wd. About to turn over 500,000 kms (Canada).


Love it and it does everything I need it to but recently I’ve been noticing what feels like an awful lot of axle wrap while towing. I got to tearing into it yesterday and found a couple loose u bolts but worse is that the factory lift blocks under the leaf packs seem to be walking off the axle perch. 


It it must have been happening for a bit because both the block and the perch are misformed now. My question is do I buy a new lift block and hope for the best or eliminate them all together with just spring or even better I’ve been told to get a shackle flip kit.


The pics are just of the left he left side as it was the worst and the only side I found loose u-bolts on. But the right side looks as if it’s moving too. Any input would be appreciated. 



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