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39 minutes ago, NIsaacs said:

Apples and oranges, we are not talking about the same thing. You make deliveries that are designed to receive them, with a big truck. We are talking pickups and small trailers making deliveries in 1/4 acre lots. If you recall, I said you need room to swing your truck, than all is good (270*). I also said, if you don't have that swing room, the bumper pull is better. This is a physical fact.


This is what I am talking about: Apple trees on the left and evergreen trees on the right. Note the fence on my left, at the start of the video. I have a 9'6" gate I need to back my 8'6" trailer though, down a narrow drive with grow boxes on both sides. Just as the truck inters the gate, I need to steer the trailer at a 45* angle off the driveway so I don't dump on it. This is at the last grow box on one side and another apple tree on the other. I did make this delivery with my gooseneck. With my bumper pull, I would not have needed to pick apples with my windshield, it would have followed my pickup in a much shorter arc, Fact. 



yes and no, i have places I get into and out of that are stupidly tight, I'll have to dig up some photos from Brooklyn Methodist hospital. Allot of the places i go to were built 100 plus years ago before we even had semi trucks. and running tanker sucks because my wheels are fixed at the back of the trailer as well. 


If I was using my dodge i would have cut the wheel and backed up to tighten the turn up, and spun the trailer. once you back up and cut the wheel and tighten your truck you can pull the trailer and it will tighten and drag your trailer. I know the maneuver you speak of growing up hauling boats since I was 16 I'm familiar with it, but for me 5th wheel or goose neck is superior in tight places when your driving in the city.


Edited in what I found on my phone.



The space on the driver's side to the fence. The passenger side is about the same. This place is very narrow.



This is the space between the driver's side and the gate in reference to my welding gloves for work. And yes the truck is fully in the dock here that is the sidewalk the tractor is in the street.



This is a shot aiming at the street, this is one of the larger places we get into, there's a scrap yard in northern Manhattan that sucks wise then here. I have to jump the curb on the other side to climb around because I'm too fat to get in between the truck and the gate.

I'm not trying to get into a pissing match, but just showing that regardless of size, this wouldn't have been able to be done with a bumper pull, even my 1 ton dodge can walk circles around this thing when i run my 5th wheel since I learned how to do these turns at my job. NYC is a very unforgiving place! None of these hospital holes we go to here can i even get a 45 foot tanker into, let alone a straight job, this place here requires some really intricate maneuvering, let alone dealing with walkers and other cars jumping the street curbs to get around you.


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There's your problem... NYC


Stick to Hunts point!  :)


IMO...Backing up stuff...depends on what your used to and how much "stick" time you have.  

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add innfo

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No problem pepsi, I have no doubt you can drive where you are needed. 

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