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Enhanced PID's For mode 22 research

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I am starting to dig into the Mode 22 PIDs that exist.   on the databus using a obdlink mx and torque pro / tera term to ask for data.


First thing I want to figure out is how to read DEF quality.  Scan gauge says it is there.   


PID is supposed to be A1E2  Data return for DEF quality is located at D in the data string so there should be something at A,B,C and maybe beyond D.  typical -0100% sensors report as just the data item in hex.  


The others I am looking at are  I know these all report back values, just no idea what they are yet.  

:unknown 1,:unknown 1,229000,A,0,1000000,,Auto
:unknown 2,:unknown 2,229001,A,0,1000000,,Auto
:unknown 3,:unknown 3,2.29E00,(A*256+B)/435,0,1000000,,Auto
:unknown 4,:unknown 4,2.29E01,(A*256+B)/435,0,1000000,,Auto
:unknown 5,:unknown 5,22A000,A,0,1000000,,Auto
:unknown 6,:unknown 6,22A001,D,0,1000000,,Auto
:unknown 7,:unknown 7,22A004,D,0,1000000,,Auto
:unknown 8,:unknown 8,22A009,A,0,1000000,,Auto
:unknown 9,:unknown 9,22A010,A,0,1000000,,Auto
:unknown 10,:unknown 10,22A024,(A*256+B)/435,0,1000000,,Auto
:unknown 11,:unknown 11,22A040,(C*256+D)/435,0,1000000,,Auto
:unknown 12,:unknown 12,22A051,(A*256+B)/435,0,1000000,,Auto
:unknown 13,:unknown 13,22A064,(A*256+B)/435,0,1000000,,Auto
:unknown 14,:unknown 14,22A0A9,A,0,1000000,,Auto
:unknown 15,:unknown 15,22A0C4,C,0,1000000,,Auto
:unknown 16,:unknown 16,22A0E1,(A*256+B)/435,0,1000000,,Auto
:unknown 17,:unknown 17,22A110,(A*256+B)/435,0,1000000,,Auto
:unknown 18,:unknown 18,22A119,A,0,1000000,,Auto
:unknown 19,:unknown 19,22A131,A,0,1000000,,Auto


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well I think I know what the issue is preventing me from getting a response on $22 A1E2.  I need to pass a diagnotic bit to the 7E0 header then pass my 22A1E2.  


Heck if I know what that diagnotic bit is though.

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