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Here is a Strange.... 47RE

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Hey, this is my daughter's truck, '98 12 valve. Her fiancee was using it to pull a skid steer on a trailer and had to go through a soft spot in a driveway. He said he stopped and put it in 4wd (don't know if hi or low) and proceeded to go easy through the soft spot (or so he thought!)....... When the trailer was in the soft spot he said it almost ran out of power and almost stalled. He stopped, unloaded the skid steer and drove out. That is when he said there was no reverse. All he had was forward no matter where the shifter was even in park. Sometimes he said he could 'find' neutral, but reverse was forward and backward fighting each other. It doesn't seem to be a linkage issue since it will start in park or neutral. I am in Alabama and he is in Minnesota with the truck. I have been wracking my feeble brain trying to figure this one out. Any ideas? Fluid clean and no sparkles............

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If it was running backwards it would be the first 12 valve I have ever heard of that did that. The guy driving it is a heavy truck mechanic/welder/fabricator so I believe he would have known if it was running funny. After he got the skid steer off he went to turn around and that was when he discovered no reverse. He did say that it shifted and ran like normal on his 10 mile drive home, but when in neutral or park it still wants to go forward. I am just trying to figure out what is the cause of this is. I know just enough about auto trannies to make it real expensive...........

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I don't know where this info came from, but he was told the "forward clutches were welded"..........

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