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Kubota RTVX 1100C Filter Kit, OK filter experts, need some advice!

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I am so tired of bending over for the outrageous prices the Kubota dealer charges me.  I need a maintenance kit for my Kubota RTVX 1100C.  Which would you recommend?


This one:




or this one:




if anyone has another suggestion, please throw it out there.  :thumbup2:

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On my Kubota tractor I have the original Kubota filter numbers and I have cross referenced them to other brands like wix, Napa and others. Just go to a web site like Napa, I know they have one where you can type in your Kubota filter number and it will cross reference to the Napa brand. I have used that method on a Baldwin site too. I’m sure their are others as well  

I believe messics is a Kubota dealer and you will pay dealer prices, I have used them for other Kubota specific parts 

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