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Lost Smarty Found, Prescott Valley Arizona

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Good afternoon All, and Happy Friday!



A kind gentleman named Roy in Arizona contacted me to let me know that his son was walking and saw a Smarty case on the side of the road. Inside was a Smarty S-06 handheld tuner. He gave me the serial number so I could track and see if it was a unit the owner had registered with me on our website. I looked it up and it was NOT registered.


Please spread the word. There is someone missing a Smarty S-06 who would be happy to get it back.


Thank God for honest people like Roy and his son who made the effort to get this unit back to it's rightful owner.


If the person missing the Smarty tuner would get with me, I will gladly get them in Touch with Roy so they can pick up their Smarty S06.


Thank you!




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