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96 Ford Ranger - Bleeding PWR Steering Question

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Replaced Gear Box and Power Steering Pump an a 96 Ford Ranger XL, 2.3, 2WD, 5sp.

I'm bleeding system with MityVac Pump and Rubber Stopper in Reservoir.

I have bled system, started engine, bled system again, restarted engine and cycled wheels back and forth 5X.


Instructions say I should be able to put 20 in vacuum on it and see no drop in vacuum after 5 mins.

Mine continues to drop to 19" and remain so for hours. Repeated test at least 5 times.  Left vacuum on it overnight and it might have dropped to 17" max.

All PS lines are new, and tight.  No visible fluid leaks. Vacuum pump tested, and plastic line between pump and rubber stopper are secured and tight


Am I expecting too much or do I need to put the coveralls on again?






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I just turn the steering wheel lock to lock multiple times with the engine running and have never really had issues bleeding power steering boxes or pumps with this method on the many I've done over the years.

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