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Health and devices

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Being I'm doing the bicycle riding for my health. I will admit that my blood pressure from the day I went in for my surgery I've managed to knock it way down. I'm still considered high but nowhere near what I was. Now the app I was using comes on my phone which is LG Health. It does track everything ONLY if you pack your phone around every where. I tend to leave my cell phone in my bedroom on home days. That doesn't track my daily movements. 


I went out and got cheap china made watch with heart rate monitor. Letscom


Neat little watch battery life that is a full 7 days. Alerts from your phone. Then I can download the data of my travels to my cellphone. Now it tracks all my movement through the house and doing daily tasks like getting firewood or laundry. This little watch can even tell you how you sleep at night. Did you sleep deeply or light and toss and turn. As for the heart rate part it fairly right. I found that watch has to be snug to your arm for the sensor to work good. 


I'm going to do my first bicycle ride with it today. I report more on that trip. As for yesterday, I managed to walk 3 miles just doing my daily tasks here at the house. 


Alarms there is an alarm feature I like I've got it set up to remind me to take my hawthorn berry and multivitamins. It vibrates on your rist and shows a pill icon. Waking up to the alarm in the morning is really nice too. Vibrates little pulses, then gets longer and stronger. Tap the touch button and it stops. 


Recharging is simple the watch band pulls off the button side and it has a USB plug and just plug it in. It was fully charged when I got the watch and just needed a10-minute charge to activate the watch. 





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After wearing this watch for a bit. I notice that the samples of heart rate it does take are good for the app. But if you manual check its starts out about right then starts to climb as you watch the display.


The tracking of movement is excellent. At least now I know that I travel almost 3 miles just walking around my house through the day. Compared to the LG Health app which only works well if you pack the phone in your back pocket.


The sleep tracking is rather cool and shows that I've made a full 8 hours of sleep and how many hours were deep sleep based on heart rates. Again the samples the app is getting shows about right. 


I compared this to my blood pressure monitor and another app "Heart Rate Monitor" This app is rather cool and work just like the sensor at the hospital. The camera flash on the phone is lit up and then you place your finger over the camera and its ability to measure your heart rate from the camera. Both my blood pressure monitor and Heart Rate monitor agree with each other. 


Then there are alarms. This is cool I've got the medication alarm set up to remind me to take my hawthorn berry and my vitamin. Wake up alarm works too. Then set another to remind me to go pick up MoparMom on time. Very attention-grabbing vibration from the watch. Then displays what the alarm is. 


Then there are the notifications. You can set it up for SMS text messages, call notifications, social media notifications. Works well.


Now take all your data and share against Google Fit which has a better capture of data. Both the "VeryFitPro" app and the "Heart Rate Monitor" app share with Google fit so you can get a full picture of how you're doing.  


For $30 bucks it's not bad I would say its worth it for the price. Not perfect but handy device...

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