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Old Blue - 1998.5

No Start, no check engine light, no 'wait to start' - Code 1694

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Any ideas? Truck sat for a month, batteries disconnected. The fuel tank was topped off before it was shut down, and the darn thing seemed to be running fine. Return after a month down South, charged batteries, reconnected them, attempt to start. No wait to start light. Electric lift pump ran for maybe a minute, not much fuel pressure. Bump starter, wait for fuel pressure...nothing. Crank engine, fired once and disengaged starter but did not run. No check engine light. Tried several times, but now not getting any fuel pressure and no fire from engine. Finally dragged out my DRB III (its the only tool that can reliably read these early 1998.5's) and can see message:


PCM DTC's 1 of 1







I expect I'll be cracking the big Dodge book and sorting out my testing procedures, but I would appreciate any helpful hints about things to look for. 


Old Blue had some trouble about three years ago when the computer failed in the fuel injection pump. At only 29,200 miles, It got a Blue Chip Diesel injection pump, a Reman Auto Electric ECM, a Glacier Diesel Power mechanical lift pump, and Airtex-Wells electric lift pump for priming, a fuel pressure gauge, and a diode bridge replacement for the alternator. Last year it got the harmonic balancer replaced after a curiously strong vibration at idle was noticed; the old one was shot with bonded rubber swollen and displaced. It did stop lighting the 'wait -to-start' light about a year ago, and the temperature display in the overhead console started not to function from time to time. I also noticed that the transmission seemed to be acting like it was hunting between the two top gears from time-to-time. I usually drive with the OD off since it rarely sees more than 55 mph on limited road system where I live up North. I've taken some hints here and since the new fuel injection pump was added, it has had a diet of 1 ounce per gallon of very high-quality PennzOil two-stroke oil blended at every fueling, to compensate for the lack of lubricating sulfur in the Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel.


Any Help or advice is certainly welcome and appreciated.  I have had a lot of help here from you Good Folks.


Thank You.


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I had similar issues when my fuel system relay failed in the fuse/relay box under the hood. I swapped with the fog light relay. Still need to order another one.

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