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Adrenaline How to connect and down load tunes

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I'm need some help. Im wanting to connect my adrenaline v2 box to my computer for the fitst time. Can any give me pointers? Is there a how to video any that one has?

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Just use your mobile device to download the tune. Then once the device has the file just start the iQuad app and then now hit the import button. This should bring up the tune and ask if you want to rename the tune. No PC required. 


Then I've created a tuning article... I've got to add the oil temp finding yet but the rest of the article is very helpful.


Basically install the transmission temp sensor in the oil test port by the oil filter. If the oil temp is about -10*F below coolant your timing is about right. If the oil temperature is above coolant then your over advancing timing and burning way too much fire against the cylinder walls flooding the coolant jacket with too much heat which prevents the oil cooler from cooling the oil properly.


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