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00 2500 4x4 quad cab 


so I had to replace my heater core it was leaking replaced the evaporator core as well the ac never worked when I bought truck figured while I was replacing those I would do the liquid line and the drier as well everything seems to be operating right compressor is cycling but still not getting cold air in cab I checked blend door it is operating correct I believe any help would be appreciated I have no gauges also 

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If the compressor is cycling then you might still be low on the 134A.   How much have you put in?


From the 2ed generation cab interior article "Basic Air Condition Repair"

The A/C system requires 32oz of 134A for a full charge.  When using a single use 12oz can you’ll need 3 cans.  After adding 2 cans (which is 24oz) weigh the third can on the kitchen scale and make note of the weight.  When adding the remaining 8oz (2/3 of the can) check the weight of the can occasionally.  When the can is 8oz lighter you’re done.

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I just recharged my AC in my 01' after I had a compressor failure and replaced every system component. If the AC system has been taken apart the accumulator will need to be replaced as well due to moisture saturating the desiccate.


You must add sp-20 (Pag 100) oil to the replaced system components.
     Accumulator: 2oz.

     Condenser: 1oz.

     Evaporator: 2oz.

     Whole AC system: 6.2 oz.
Vacuum down the system to 500 micron or 29.9 inHG for an hour to remove moisture, turn pump off and let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour and check for system leaks. If the system doesn't leak proceed with charging with 32oz pure R134A. I used Johnsen's 134a
Keep an eye on your pressures as this would tell you everything you need to know if your system is working properly. If your pressures are within spec, take off the blend door actuator and turn the door by hand and see if that changes anything.

AC System pressures

Manifold gauges and a vacuum can be rented from and auto parts store, but it cost me $333 to rent from O'rilleys. 
You can get a vacuum pump and manifold gauge kit on amazon for $80. 

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