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VW mk6 tdi cjaa cp4 to cp3 conversion

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Where do I start :think:....

I guess in the beginning ha ha.

So I got this 2013 vw jetta sportwagen tdi for a commutter, only after I did research and found parts and people to help with the pump swap :smart:. These are pretty decent cars after few minor corrections and good on fuel consumption, I keep telling myself that. 

I couldn't find a cp3 kit in US, Seems all outfits stopped selling them shortly before I got the car. After some research I found a kit on ebay, ships from Romania. Investigated farther and found some threads on line with Aurelian aka Mark radiators, discussing his pump that he also sells on ebay. So I got a hold of him and he sold me the conversion kit, just under $900 shipped, not through ebay. Kits that other places sold were around $1500. I found pumps for $300 bucks but there is more to the kit, I didn't want to reinvent the wheel and start fabricating. It's a mini cp3 compared to say Cummins common rail. Which brings another topic, gm and ford went with cheaply designed cp4 and have problems with self destruction also, Cummins was smart enough to keep cp3. 

  Fast forward, I got the pump and everything I needed in kit to do swap, except some special tools I had to get to install timing belt back on. All went great until I drove it. Started fine, idle fine, driving like a human it did fine too until I punched it. Went like cheetah on cocane :tongue: for a bit then check engine light came on and went to limp mode. Shut it off and restarted the car, came out of limp mode, scanned it and had high rail pressure code. Got a hold of Malone (Tunning genius, kinda like @Me78569 ) found one of his dealers 100ml away to tune the pump. After few logs sent to malone we got a file back, flashed the ECM, did another log to be sure and it runs perfect. I think he charged me like $40 for his time and I had him do other things to the car with vcds tool. Still money ahead then buying, get this (flashzilla) they call it, so you can load your own tunes if you want to constantly mess with it, like try bigger turbo etc. But you still need vcds to data log and flashzilla is vin locked. I didn't care for obd11 and how they do business, if I get anything in future it'll be vcds. For what I'm using this car for, I just want reliability, no need to buy all these extras, or so I thought. 

Fast forward 8k plus miles later and rail pressure is all over the place, car is jerky when passing in higher gear, I would say high load low boost situation. Back to malone and his dealler. Few logs and files later we can't get it to run right, even tried a new metering valve on the pump. I was told to get one just in case when I got the pump by Aurelian, he gave me part number and got it on aliexpress, $20 for a genuine bosch, money well spent but not needed ha ha. After days of emails back and forth with malone I sent my logs to Aurelian, he replied that there was no calibration done and by now pressure regulator on the rail may be bad. He then sent a file to Malone with his calibration to try. So now I'm waiting on pressure regulator to come in before I go to malone dealler. At this point it would be cheaper to buy flashzilla, but I would still need vcds to data log, I'm hoping with new regulator and tune from Aurelian the battle will be over. Car still runs just not very good when in higher gear passing or getting on it.  

I'm still a bit confused on calibration thing, Malone did something in beginning to make it run good but apparently calibration is different from what he did. I found some pumps on line for like duramax, they say pump is already calibrated and ready to be put on the truck. @Me78569 can you shine some light on it for me if you know how this calibration work, I'm under assumption that it's done in software in ecm someplace as the pump itself is mechanical and only has the metering valve on it that's electronic, unless it can be bench flashed for a specific vehicle. If that's the case then Aurelian should provide that info to buyers or bench flash it himself, and I also would have thought someone like Malone would know exactly what to do in the first place. Their response was "all the pumps we deal with didn't need calibration" but then I found a year old thread where they went through it with another guy. Aurelian said his pumps make more power and more you squeeze out of it, more fine tuning required. So idk who's lying or not telling the whole story, or simply doesn't care, but it's on my dime. Sucks but hoping to have it resolved soon and move on. Overall I can't complain too much as both Malone and Aurelian trying to help out, just wish people were more upfront from beginning. I'm very thankful that it's even possible in the first place and there are people out there, that make it possible. But none the less, it's never as it seems. Wife of course thinks I'm stupid as usual and should have left it alone. If I knew I couldn't do this conversion in first place in would have bought something else. If cp4 goes out it contaminates fuel system and cost lots of money and time to repair. I thought I'd be money ahead to convert now and save in the long run. But what do I know....

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33 minutes ago, dave110 said:

W-T teach you how to write :lmao:?

I just didn't know where to start so it's not confusing. Not sure if it's better or worse. Just being me :stirthepot:

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