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Grounding points for 03 dodge 2500 24v 5.9 cummins

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Hey guys, so here's my problem. Bought an 03 dodge 2500 24v Cummins. Well I'm chasing it's demons now. Clear the codes and pull new, I get open circuit bank 2 injectors 4-6. I had a misfire on 6 so I replaced the injector (mechanical fail and the injector in it wasn't for the 03-4.5) also replaced the injector harness on #6 since it didn't ohm to spec) still hearing the thump/tick. Second code p2509 I believe, the intermittent power to ecm/pcm. I start checking grounds (I have tested the ecm harness to ecm and harness to b+ and b-, all checked out. So I'm chasing grounds but have had zero luck finding a schematic of grounding wires (have found a ground to cab that was broken) found three grounds on the driver side and nodda on the passenger side. Anywho can anyone help a girl out? Wish it was a 12v I'm tempted to do a swap at this point. 

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