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Parking brake light wont come on

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My truck has had dead pedal since i put it back together after putting new hot rod pump and timbo tps. It threw a p0500 code the other night and i was wanting to reset tps and my parking brake cable broke a few years ago and i never fixed it, so i put a new switch on and still no light. I think it works off ground and when u ground it i should turn light on correct? I had a problem with tach not working awhile back and had cluster worked on and now my high beam light does work all time now. 


Im wondering if my cluster is messed up and i guess u have to have parking brake light on to reset tps?


And if i replace cluster with one out of yard my truck is a 01 can i put a cluster out of a 02 that will read all the codes where the 01 doesnt?

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P500 is from spinning rear tires has nothing to do with apps. I think it clears itself after so many key cycles. 

May want to check a ground block under Driver side kick panel. 

Tack not working could be cam sensor but I would think it would throw a code. Not sure if 01 has crank sensor. Could be in ecm/pcm, someone else will pitch in. Have you checked for ac noise.


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In theory the park brake indicator is illuminated from the park brake switch(yes ground confirmation).  BUT it is also commanded from the ABS module and will set with a code from the ABS also.  Solid illumination is from ABS and blinking illumination is from the park brake switch.  so the instrument cluster gathers info and illuminates based on what it decides.



Red brake warning from ABS controller



Hope that helps a bit. (you can use these to find the pinouts and see if you have the neutral on the right connector from the switch.)


I don't think adding a 2002 cluster will automatically give you the readouts you are looking for.  I think it would be more tied to the PCM and does the information actually pass through the network.  It wouldn't hurt to try and see.  Maybe you can add a new piece to the puzzle!







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Well they fixed the tach so it works now but they said the cluster was pulling more amps than he thought it should and didnt know why because he said he didnt work on anything that old anymore. But wait to start light comes on and i noticed cruise didnt come on last night also. 


Im just going to get a cluster and see what it does i guess.



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