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Big night last night for Big Brown. She got a quadzilla with stealth cover,  tranny flush with amsoil, replaced my leaky cracked oem wheels with a set of 17” 4th gen wheels that came with good used hankcooks for $150!

I did hit a couple snags though. Anyone ever seen where a BD boost elbow is too large diameter and won’t thread into the turbo? Also for most of Me78569 how much fueling should I add for 3500 ft? I took the truck for a spin at 1am and didn’t have quite the punch I was expecting from a few of the tunes. 

PS ignore the mess, I just moved in and still organizing things and doing some renovations 


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What would cause a dead pedal feeling? I’ve got balls to the walls loaded and seems like after quarter throttle nothing changes. My apps is showing full 100% position when I floor it though 

There’s a definitive drop off where the rpm rate it increasing and then drops off and it plots along 

Also getting a max of 3psi, checked all connections and looks like I don’t have any leaks and I should hear one that big? 

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I had an issue with my boost elbow not fitting.  Returned it and got another from XDP and it wouldnt fit either.  I got my tap and die set and made it fit. :whistle:


I emailed XDP and told them to check their stock, that I think they had some elbows incorrectly marked but I never really heard back other than the obligatory "thanks for your email" email...

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It definitely has symptoms of a failed sensor or missing signal. Though if it had failed I would you would have a CEL lit. Could be the Quad.

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If it works fine with the Quad disconnected I would say your next step is to talk to them. Sounds like the Quad is not picking up the MAP signal. Yours is driving just like mine did when the MAP sensor went south on me. 

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11 minutes ago, Me78569 said:

What level do you have the quad on?  


If you are running lvl 1 of the tune it will do exactly what you are saying.


Lvl 1is valet mode.

Sorry if this is a stupid question but are there multiple levels on a custom tune?

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On 1/5/2020 at 8:01 AM, hdpwipmonkey said:

Yes.  Even custom tunes have different levels. 

They all follow the same format:

Lvl 0 = Stock

Lvl 1 = Valet (set to some decreased power)

Lvl 2 = Timing only

Lvl3 = Timing and Canbus fueling

Lvl4 and up is wiretap fueling


Small correction.


Lvl 2 = Canbus fuel only to 100% and timing. 

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