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I think I could use a new truck...


Seems like anytime I get in to drive my truck anymore, a gremlin has to come out of it.


Winter decided to rear its ugly head and the switch got flipped. Suddenly, I'm getting DUMPED on with snow. No way im driving the little passat. 


So I jump in the truck, drive it to work yesterday morning. Now I get a little show on my dash of my speedo dancing around and the ABS and brake like coming on. It'll come on, turn off. Back and forth.


I ordered a speed sensor for the transmission and rear diff. Which one could it be? Or is it something else?

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Since the speedo messed up and the ABS light came on (if you have the 4 wheel abs) it will probably be the sensor in the differential, or the wires going to it.  (although someone on here lost the tone ring on the ring gear, but I doubt its that)



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I replaced the rear diff sensor. Wondering if the computer needs reset by disconnecting the batteries? Seems like it has been coming on less and less now. Only seems to come on when I hit any bumps, but then turns back off. 


I've suddenly encountered a brake light switch problem now also. 😤


Killed my batteries because the brake lights were on for so long. I ordered a new switch and shimmed the pedal to keep the plunger down further using duct tape.


I read that the brake switch can cause the same problems? I guess we'll see.


The next thing to try is the transmission speed sensor or the ABS module. 

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Might be a loose connection if bumps are making it come on. Would not hurt to plug it and unplug it few times, hit it electronics clean. The harnes connection might dirty or a little corroded. Speedo still out of whack?

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