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Hi everyone , New to this forum , Took a long time to register wow . 
Anyhow I have been through all the CTD forums and I have to say this one has been the most friendly and informative over the others . 
With all that said here I go , I have a 2002 CTD 2500 4wd that I custom ordered with every bell and whistle that was available in 02 . 
The truck only has 91000 original babied miles , light towing once in a while .  My current mods are as follows . 
Quadzilla tuner , MBRP single into duel 4in exhaust , Air Dog II , Banks High Rise intake , and just this past weekend I installed a new 
Suncoast stage III trans with billet triple disk TC , OUCH that one hurt the wallet . Anyway here is the big question to finish my build ? 
I need some advice on which turbo / injector upgrade to go with to hopefully achieve my goal of 450 to 500 hp ??? I realize I still need to 
upgrade my head studs to ARPs . but thats a given . I am a Marine Technician buy trade , but dont do any turbo upgrades on yachts . 
I have a million opinions from other forums but I would like to get some ideas from some guys in here ???  I will be buying a 12000 pd 
ToyHauler in the near future and once in a blue moon like to street race other diesels in my area . I have heard a lot of good and bad on the 
BD super B , also on the Phat Shaft . I have also been told go with a 100 to 150 HP injector ? which makes sense because I can regulate 
the fuel pressure with the Qaud ? 

Any help you guys can throw my way would be so appreciated . 

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Like Me said if budget is tight...but if you want to tow like a champ and be able to walk your buddies' trucks then compounds are the best option.  7x.010's will give you around 500-525hp depending on size of turbos...7x.012's (200hp) will give you 550-575ish.  Drive pressures will be healthier and spool-up will be slightly better/faster as well. 

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I bought injectors from ducky fuel injection. Great guy with lots of info.

I'm running his 100s they're on 50k or so. At some point I'll replace them with 150s


I have sxe300 from texas machine(smedding) seems to be doing well. Probably have 20-30k on it

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Thanks to everyone for helping me out . Money isnt a huge issue persay ? but just finding the right match and brand is the crap shoot . Its funny how places like Thoroughbred diesels and XDP dont offer more packages to the public in this category ? When I upgraded my VP 44 I got it from Thoroughbred and they offered it as a kit with the AirDog II . 

I forget the price but it was a nice package . I guess if your working with diesels day in and day out you get familiar with whats works and what dont ? 
Which is probably how theses forums got started in the first place ??? 

Thanks again guys for all your support 

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On 2/13/2020 at 8:33 AM, Me78569 said:

THis is the TUrbo you want with 150HP injectors for a solid 500HP


If you want 450HP and even quicker spooling consider 125HP and this turbo



or if you tow a lot compounds would work great

Compounds $1350

S400 $650 and support 500HP with a quick spooling s464/83/1.10AR, or 550HP with s475/83/1.10AR (but will add more $$)

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