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Got relay headlight harness in. I think I'm sold on it and will be doing it on the dodge.


Noticably better light

These are factory style halogens LEDs should be here tomorrow 


Do these look to high?





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Been out in jeep quite abit lately. 

Got a new toy to now not even rubber can hide from my hacking.


Improvement was very noticable on these fronts. 


Photos wont load.

I bought a tire knife and turned the jeep tires. There kinda a cross  between a tsl and Parnelli dirt grip

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Thanks dripley  I love it here.


I built shock towers through the floor then I see this in my head. Offcourse I built it. 

One thing I've found is jeeps might go damn near anywhere but you cant bring **** with you 

May build a bulk head behind rear seat to mount shovel and hi lift on. I feel naked without a pony shovel.

At some point fuel and spare tire will go on the roof.  120 Mile's is pushing it pretty hard.


Heres how the storage started.

Shocks are new take offs that came off gladiator. I'm believer in good shocks now. This jeep rides and handles very well.  You can hit bumps at speed now. Slow trails are more comfortable. 

The truck may get some someday.  The bilstein do little to nothing literally compared to blown leaking shocks they replaced.



Have a good one everyone 





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More tlc.


Oil pan gasket , rear main seal , steering column, clutch, transmission front axle rear axles injectors 2hp.


All under way on the back patio .


It drives me crazy that I cant figure out why photos work and sometimes dont work. Makes this forumn worthless 



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Fabbed some long arms and ohh man ride is amazing. Literally night and day better. 

I did  3link arms are 31" long instead of the 15" from the factory. The jeep guys call this a midterm but its a long mid arms.  These arms are about 8" longer than jeeps coming off the showroom floor today.




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4.88 gears and grizzly locker in the front.


Tooled up and did gears myself 

Found the hammer drill can work wonders driving carrier bearing races off.


In fith the rrrrs are now just shy of 3000 at 65.  Thing goes very slow in 4low all around drives better around town.  With 33-35" tire its perfect.






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  • Administrator

I "had" a 1951 Willys that I use to run around in started having way too much issues with the axles and suspension and gave up and sold it. I was 4.88 gearing as well with 31 inch tires wasn't too bad at 65 MPH I was right near 4k RPM on the Chevy V8 I had under the hood. Then with the Turbo 350 trans behind it.

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I dont know why I like working on this thing. Gears was something I thought I'd never do but then I was like know the specs hit the numbers get a good pattern. Then gathered some measuring tools and got it.

Getting front axle rotating preload faught me but finally got it.

I'd made a set of set up bearings for the dana 30.

That actually went pretty quick maybe a couple hours to set backlash and pattern.


Just some random photos as I've noticed the number of views this has gotten.





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