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I have a 98.5 ram diesel which gave me dead pedal intermittent the last week just at start up, then run good all day. it might have been worse on cold mornings. now its staying dead pedal.

I have codes





I cleaned all the grounds I could find except the one behind the starter was so stuck, penetrating oil and all. im going to have to take off the starter to get it off and clean that connection. could it be fuel filter or weak lift pump? or all having to do with torque converter clutch solenoid ? thanks. any leads, wisdom, experience is much appreciated 


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You may have lost the computer on the Vp. I would clear the codes, restart the engine and see if the codes come back. You can look the codes up in the artcles section under 2nd gen 24v, obdll error codes. The 1688 is the nasty one.

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