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I’m having intermittent issues and not sure where to begin. 

First with what I know.  After starting the truck, within a couple minutes, the tach becomes intermittent.  It works, then won’t, so on and so on.  While driving, it will stumble.  Not all the time, and when it does, it does it like 2 or 3 times in a row.  It seems like as soon as it’s at operating temperature, it runs fine.  If it sits for a couple hours, it runs fine.

In the past month, it’s shut off on me 3 times while driving.  After it shuts off, it will crank but won’t fire.  After it sits a minute or two, it fires and runs fine.  Temperatures were in the teens when it happened, not sure if there’s a correlation or not.

After it shut off, codes were:





No comm between ECM and IP, don’t remember the exact number



About 6 months ago, the tone ring on the crank let loose and took out the crank sensor.  After 3 crank sensors and wire testing, I shoved an inspection camera in the sensor hole and saw the big part of the tone ring was missing.  The wires were good then, guess it’s time to recheck them, maybe a new crank sensor went bad?  I recently replaced the cam sensor, no change.


May 2018 brought the VP death code of 216.  That’s when I got a HO Extreme from Xtreme Diesel Products.  It’s almost 2 years old, less than 5000 miles.


From what I read, 215 and no comm usually mean the VP is about to punch out, but at the same time could it be an ECM problem?  The intermittent thing is what’s getting to me.  Would it be worth sending both out to get checked?


Sorry for being so long winded, just trying to get all the info out there I know.  

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