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engine dies when put into gear

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OK gear heads! Same post different title, sorry for that but honestly I'd thought I'd get more than one response, (thanks by the way!) I understand if people have other things on their minds lately but I'm going to try again.

  Here's the deal, I just purchased this truck a few weeks ago, first dodge Ever,  it has a "built" auto trans and the prior owner told me you need to hold the brakes and step up the idle when putting into gear first start of the day or it will stall the engine, said it's been like that ever since trans build. I liked the truck well enough to overlook  so now I have to deal with. Once I go through the ritual and unfreeze or get trans fluid going or fuel pressure up or whatever the heck, it will drive and start and go into gear normally the rest of the day. It's a little annoying and I have the trans work receipt so I called them and asked if this was normal? His reply was no and he never heard of such a thing! I find that hard to believe because when I google I see page after page of people asking the same exact question! (With no real answers) I would have to bring to the shop and have them take a look and since they were 300 mi. away that's probably not going to happen.

 I'm reading that's completely normal, just need to warm up 5-10 min. in neutral? Maybe not enough fuel pressure, (10-12) ? Air in fuel line? Apps reset? Trans needs adjusted, bands, springs??

 Questions, does anyone else's do this? Is this normal? What's your cold /first start of the day procedure? Is this a dodge TD issue?

  Thanks for any advice, comments!

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