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Advice for purchasing a 2014-2016 Ram 2500 6.7L

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I am currently in the market for my first diesel. I have been trying to give the different brands a fair chance since I know nothing about them (current ride is a Toyota Tundra). I was able to spend a weekend driving a 2015 Ford 6.7 PS, while I liked it I was completely blown away.

I am going to be test driving a ram 2500 this coming weekend. I love the Ram styling and interior (Laramie) however every person I know or have talk to says that Ram quality is complete garbage. They all say the engine is great but any other component is garbage. I was wondering how you guys felt about the quality of your truck? How would you compare it to Toyota, Ford, Chevy?

I realize there will be some bias in this forum but I appreciate anyone that can provide some honest answers. Would any of you recommend a different truck, Ford, Chevy, Nissan? I am currently stuck between the Ram and Chevy as I don't really like the styling of the Ford or Nissan but at the same time I want a reliable truck.vidmate mobdro word counter

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Dodge was long known for a great Powertrain with a lower quality wrapper.... Ram is not known for that, but carries the previous Dodge stigma. 

I have had an 05 Dodge 3500 SLT and now my 18 Ram 3500 Laramie. I never had any issues with the 05’s cab/interior but the 18 has a better fit and finish, and feel to it. 

My brother has a 17 F250 and it’s more like my older dodge than my newer Ram. Yes it has bells and whistles (and a bad *** sunroof!!) but the build quality doesn’t feel like it’s there. Time will tell I guess. 

But you’re asking these questions on a MOPAR forum, we’re just a little biased. 

Chevy has good interiors, good frames, decent Powertrain, but also IFS. I grew up on bow tie and don’t want to deal with IFS suspensions on a HD truck. I want a solid axle front end. 

I’m also a Toyota fan and still own a 4Runner. I’ve had several Toyota’s over the last 20 years and they are great but they don’t have a truck worth buying for use as a HD truck. Same with Nissan, thou the Titian HD is a decent 5/8 ton... ugly, but decent. 

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So far the fit and finish of my 4th gen has been good.  Much much better than my 2nd gen.  


The older dodge trucks did often fall victim to poor interiors, but I think that is a thing of the past.  I did still buy a dashmat for my 4th gen though.  Sun is the enemy of nearly everything.  

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