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I'm having an issue and hope someone can help me understand how the Quad determines what gear the truck is in. I made a vacuum solenoid thing to jack up line pressure when the exhaust brake is on. When the exhaust brake is on it pulls the TV lever back to increase line pressure. Tried it out once.  I have since disconnected it but now when i stop with shifter in "D" Quad shows "L". Take off from a stop and Quad shows something like L-3-4-3-1-2-3-4. It felt once like it did a 2nd gear start but only did it 1 time. Now it feels like it is shifting correctly but Quads gear indicator is all over the place. In park, neutral, and reverse Quad shows "L"

 I checked line pressure and its 58 at 1000 rpm TV closed, 98 TV maxed in manual 1 and 2 and about the same in D at 1500 rpm.

 Before this Quad showed correct gear.

@Me78569 any ideas?


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The gear indicator is a best guess based on speed, and setup in the app.  


Make sure your tire size is setup right,

gear is setup right

trans is setup right 


in the app.

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