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I had my truck parked for 7 days under the covered shelter. Haven't started or drove it in a week. Been Raining for a week and off work.


I just noticed a little  wet spot stain on the concrete inside the driver front wheel this morning.


Turns out the power steering pump leaked a little out the cap like it was over filled but it hasnt been.  Started the truck and backed straight back and then noticed no power steering and no power brakes. Stopped got out , checked the reservoir and had oil in it and as the truck idled for a few minutes I could see the oil inside the pump start flowing and pump working. Got back in the truck and the power steering and brakes were working fine now.


Drove and fueled up the truck and ran a errand came home and everything is fine , no leaks


Kind of like there was a vapor lock or Burp bubble in the fluid system or what ever in the power steering/brake fluid system that pushed some fluid out the power steering pump cap and also caused a vapor or air lock ???...I wonder if it was the weather/atmosphere pressure or  two days of continues rain and truck sitting for a week



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Posted (edited)

No one turned the steering wheel with out truck running


Drove staright in under the cover and parked it.... 7 days later ( after alot of rain) Puddle by inside of front wheel . Started truck and backed straight back till i had to turn alittle and noticed no steering and then no power brakes.  Stopped waited a couple minutes all was OK


Been driving for 3 days and everything is normal...






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