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I dont know if this starts a new thread, as HAGGAR suggested, I'm new to the forum, not tech savvy, and have only a tiny phone to post with...so please, bear with me.  I'll try and recap, I've cleaned and reinstalled ALL the grounds for the headlight circuit to the best of my ability.  I had no broken or loose wires., and the SINGLE 40 amp fuse checks out.  I have no other current wiring or lighting issues, stop, turn, and tail all work, as do all running lights and in cab lighting.  


in the below pick, with selector on high beam, the passenger side light plug works, with 12+volts at the pin on the right as seen.  On the drivers side, this pin registers .52volts.15900364897177647378351302663551.jpg.0fb32b046ac2ff9e2ea3519336a2d9f7.jpg

Ok, I'm now nearly certain that, despite my efforts to track, clean, repair all grounds, it is the ground that is bad on the drivers side.   At the plug, it elsewhere, I dont have a clue.

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Only 2am and after trying everything suggested, even the stuff I didnt think relevant, cuz hey, what do I know about auto electrical, right?  


Last ditch effort, I looked at the ground pin and wire at the plug a bit closer...gave it a harder tug...and apart it came, about half a centimeter from the connector!  I soldered in a new connection, including a jumper straight to the battery negative wire closest, and I have nice mediocre dodge ram headlights.


Thank you all, even if none of your comments hit the nail on the head, you were all pointing me at the right issues and that kept me digging rather than smashing this bastard with a hammer.

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