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Hello all. 
I have a 99 dodge, the truck has a 2002 engine that has been installed, after the ‘53’ block died. 
The truck has a tone wheel mounted to the front of the balancer for the ckp sensor. The truck has the HO vp pump and the computer for the 2002 engine. 
the issue I’m having is a p1690 and p0338 codes. 
The only issues the truck seems to have is a miss or stumble at idle that seems to come and go, and high egts. 
I have recently replaced the balancer as it was coming apart, reset the air gap on the tone ring to the sensor and Cleared codes and they come right back. 
looking for recommendations on where to go next. 
truck seems to run decent. 
mods are a quadzilla adrenaline the old style with the pod, air dog 150, 7x012 injectors, 66/73, built trans and a triple disk.

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Both codes are for the crank position sensor and since they popped up after you changed the balancer you should recheck the sensor connection and ohm test the sensor.  All so, are the teeth still on the crank shaft pully?  Something like below?



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IBMobile, no the tone wheel isn’t like what you have posted in the photo, it bolts to the front of the balancer and has a little spacer someone has made. I can get photos if you would like to see it? 


To be more clear, the p1690 code was there before I changed the balancer. Just the sensor was very far away from the wheel. 

I’m going to follow wires and start Ohm’ing things out tonight. 

Also the p0338 code is now gone but it was replaced with an p0380. 




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