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Apps replacement on a 98.5 24V

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Alright ladies and gentlemen just got done replacing my APPs or TPS sensor (whichever you go by) and I'm having WOT when touching the fuel pedal....


This is what I've done so far, when installing the new TPS I back probed the #3 pin (green wire) set the voltage to 0.55 at idle and 3.8 at WOT. After finishing under the hood I went inside the truck and calibrated the ECM by turning the key on (not starting) and slowly pressed the pedal to the floor and let the pedal back up slowly. Then hook up my scan tool up and made sure no codes were set, which there is none. Then I started the truck and as soon as I touch the pedal it goes to WOT. Double checked my calibration and its still good, currently have my negative unhooked on both batteries so I can reset the ECM calibration again. (Had them unhooked while replacing the sensor)


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I know this is a common issue with a bad ECM but I was driving the truck right before I parked it to replace the APPs.... the reason I replaced the sensor was due to dead pedal and code po122 popping up every once in awhile so I don't think its the ECM but maybe it is? 


Sensor I went with was a Alliant power brand 

Thanks again,


Update:  Hooked my grounds back up after them being unhooked for around 45mins and calibrated the ECM again now I have WOT as soon as I start the truck.... I'm calling it a night I unhooked my negatives again I'll try and work on it more tomorrow after work 😅 

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Can your scan tool read live data ? If so whats your throttle percentage/reading when it goes to wot.

For what it's worth my truck had a new cheap chinese apps fitted when I got it. One reason PO sold it to me as it just didn't work so PO thought it was something else and not the ''new'' apps. I got a not so cheap apps from rockauto, this worked as it should,  then joined this forum  THEN learnt from the guys here that a Timbo apps is the only one to fit... Waiting for the not so cheeapo to go dead pedal and  i'll be fitting a timbo


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