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I was coming home yesterday towing my trailer and a car on it cruising at 70 mph in cruise all off a sudden the rear tires locked up and I skidded to a stop leaving a nice long set of dually tracks on the road. Luckily I wasn't on to big of a highway. Anyway initially I thought rear end was locked up but that's not the case. The trucked would not pull forward at all, but when the roll back pulled the truck backwards it rolled smooth and then when he pulled it forward after pulling it backwards it pulled fine no issues. Unloaded the truck and I drove it into the shop. Now I haven't broke into anything yet the driveshaft doesnt seem twisted all the u joints are still tight and I felt no issues with the rear pulling into the shop. However the trans is extra clanky right now and I dont wanna run the truck long. Any help would be appreciated if anyone has had problems like this before. And on a scale of 1-10 how likely is my nv5600 **** and who is a reputable rebuilder or place to buy a reman thanks.

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That is spooky!   Glad you are OK.


It is a tough call.  I would check differential first.  It would be easy for one little piece to be wrong (broken tooth, Spider gear axle retaining bolt, etc) to get in the wrong place at the wrong time and lock it up.  then reversing the mechanical action allows the offending piece to fall away, and all feel normal.


I can't believe you are not 4wd.  The chain wadding up is usually the culprit.    So you have that going for you.   It has to be something with the carrier in the rear diff.  so between ring gear and pinion, or inside the spiders.


Otherwise it is in the tranny.  Good call by NIsaacs on pulling covers and looking for a tooth.





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Have found the issue trans is toast hopefully because I popped the truck in neutral before the rear tires locked up I saved the 1300 dollar south end clutch which is still under break in period lol and the input shaft. The splines at the carrier bearing arent twisted which is awesome both drive shafts aren't twisted. And all the u joints are tight. Pulled rear diff cover and its clean zero metal shavings and plenty of fluid that was super clean.  Going to pull the thing out and send it over to Cody at Super Stick trans for some love and go from there.

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  • Administrator

Wow. That was a lack of oil failure for sure.


Mine were all metal fatigue. 

  • First Transmission failed when the main shaft broke at 3rd/4th syncro.
  • Second Transmission took all of 5th gear apart. The little gear broke at least 7 teeth and ruined the bottom gear at 80 MPH..

Now warranty claims

  • Second transmission was upgrade with brass syncros 3rd and 4th failed. (Defective)
  • Second transmission lost 2nd syncro. (Defective)


Just clearing 415k on the truck now. 


Precautionary travel items. - 2nd Generation Dodge Reliability ...


found out what happened to 5th gear - 2nd Generation Dodge 12 ...

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The lack of oiling im sure wasnt from my end when I replaced clutch I overfilled it with fresh fluid as most say.  The new trans from cody will be fixed with upgraded to the oil system and 2 fast coolers for even more fluid and to help keep trans temps down.

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Been awhile since I updated but trucks been back together with the new superstick nv5600 from Cody I absolutely live it finally picked up my new 40 foot trailer as well and am ready to start hauling cars again.




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