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That's awesome and very inspiring!  I'm almost 700k miles behind you but it seems I have alot to look forward to.  Congratulations...give us another shot when you hit 1 million miles...:thumbup2:

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16 hours ago, NIsaacs said:

Nice! How is the Eaton tranny working out? I think you installed a rebuilt engine awhile back too? I don't remember seeing an update on them. Are you still hauling commercial?

Eaton working good, getting a little noisey thinking this winter might try putting new bearings in it, but changed the fluid before we left and the magnets on the drain plug looked good, engine rebuilt at about 850k ,  just got back to hauling commercially, after having ankle fused. Got my own Authority so I'm all legal and everything. Doing a lot of boats, have a broker that calls me whenever he sells one and offers the load to me.




21 hours ago, Evan said:

Freaking amazing 


How many trannies you been through?

3 NV5600's

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