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wiring issues on MAP and APPS + other

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after doing a head gasket job on my 1999 24v cummins i started my truck back up after getting everything back together, and i noticed there was a check engine light but didn’t think much of it. once i drove it i realized i had absolutely NO power and no throttle response after 1200 rpms. if i kept the pedal all the way down it would slowly get up to 2000rpms so that my auto trans would finally shift. after getting on a back road and giving her WOT i was able to get up to speed but it was a dog. i had no problems with my VP44before hand. also, when we had the code reader plugged in while driving it said i was only giving 40% throttle while i had it WOT. i have zero boost pressure according to my gauge but i know my turbo and all seals are fine. 


i was told i need to check voltage and continuity for these sensors but i have no experience with this kind of stuff, if someone could walk me through it step by step it would be greatly appreciated. i have a DVOM so i believe i have what i need to check it. i will try to link a video of my problem. 





here are a list of my codes:

P0237 - turbocharger/supercharger boost sensor A circuit low 

P0122 - throttle/pedal position sensor/ switch A circuit low 

P0118 - engine coolant temperature sensor 1 circuit high 

P0113 - intake air temperature sensor 1 circuit high

P1689 - no description

it should be noted that it has no problem reving up  while in park or neutral, so that makes me think the vp44 along with my other fuel components aren’t the issue. i have an airdog II4G, and an edge EZ tune. i also changed out my factory 180 thermostat to a genuine cummins 190 thermostat. 

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1 minute ago, Me78569 said:

all those sensors share a 5v bus so you likely have an issue with the 5v power source from the ecm to the sensors.  





From article 



so how should i go about doing this? i honestly don’t understand how many of this works😅

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The ground splice that @Me78569 is talking about is in the engine wiring harness a footor so away from the ECM connector.


My finger is on it


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I had one of those on my 2001, on the 5 v sensor power wire.  The joint measured 1500 Ohms.  So much for a good connection.



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