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My apologies for not understanding this,but when I read the following quotes, I understand them differently.   If I set my pump low boost scale psi at 18 (for example) but I set my boost scaling at 20, will my fueling be maxed at 20 psi or at 38?   

Boost Scaling: 20-40 psi  Allows you to set the point at which fueling is maximized based upon boost levels.    Setting this to 20 will give you fuel fueling at 20psi, assuming tps min / and maxes are met.  Boost scaling is calculated along with TPS scaling so in order to have %100 of fueling both need to be met.  This setting defines the Y axis of the wiretap map, 20 psi means your map range is 0-20 psi 40 psi means the map is 0-40 psi.   Keep in mind that your pump low boost scale PSI setting defines what "0psi" is.  IE if pump low boost scale is set to 5psi and your boost scaling is set to 20 psi, then the wiretap map will be 5-25 psi.  


Range of Values: 20 to 40

Default Value: 38


Quadzilla Adrenaline Boost Scaling is the point at which the wiretap will hit 100% wiretap. The lower in the boost number the quicker it reaches 100% wiretap. Basically, in a nutshell Pump Low Boost Scale PSI is the starting boost pressure to start the wiretap and Boost Scaling is the point that wiretap will reach 100%.

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boost scaling is the y axis of the map for wiretap fueling.   x is rpm's   boost scaling means the y axis is between 0 and 20 psi.   


Pump low boost is what the "offset" is for the starting point.


So if you set your pump low boost to 18 psi then you 0 psi mark on the wiretap is offset by 18 so the map starts at 18psi and will increase until 38 psi (18+20) = 38.   



easy way to think about it is pump low boost moves the entire map up or down based on boost, boost scaling compresses the mapfrom 0-40 scale to 0-20 psi scale.



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