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Hello guys. Long time lurker. 

I bought a 2002 24v with a NV 5600 about a year ago. The truck had tons of goodies when I bought it. 

Iv been trying to make it as reliable as possible since I drive it all across the county. 

Today I am fixing my tappet cover leak with a billet cover. I notice two plugs that are just hanging out with out a home. They lead to the harness the runs along the bottom of the tappet cover.  Here are some images. I was hoping someone could help me identify them. 

My edge juice with attitude also took a crap the other day. It keeps saying  “failed to connect”  but it works half the time. Sometimes it will fail to connect other times it works fine when you start the truck. This stated happening after I replaced my hydro booster. 

I checked all connections and everything seems to be fine. I even disconnected everything and plugged it back in. Also replaced the relay to the edge harness.


Has anyone ever had this problem? 

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I have no idea on how to get the url for pictures in order to post them. Sorry after some digging it looks to be wiring for the factory fuel filter. 

I did drop my key way on the crank last night.. turned it two hours job into a 8 hour job real fast. 

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