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Unfair camping


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I want to post up this camper that is back at our spot. We came in on Wednesday and found that one camper at our spot. Thursday after work I hitched up and haul in to my spot 7pm. Now the entire 6 days we have been there the neighbor has not be at his camper at all. There is a large 4kw generator sitting there, then his horse shoe pins, chairs out, etc. No one has come or gone in 6 days. I'm going to report this to the local USFS office being its clearly stated you can not drop a RV and hold you spot for later. It clearly state you must occupy the camp site for a max of 18 days. 


Please don't be like these people and abandon your RV and stuff and think no one is going to steal your stuff or walk away and figure you get to hold that spot for weeks and then show up later. This is no fair or right. 




I just contacted Payette USFS and they are sending officer out to check it out. Then they suggested that I contact the Adams County Sheriff which I've filed a abandoned RV. I provided them the lat long to both agencies and even offer to go back out if requested to identify the RV. Eileen informed me when she was investigating the RV it had cobwebs on the RV and awing. No foul odors like dead bodies or any sign of foul play. Just like they packed up and left in a hurry. Leaving there massive generator and chairs out. 


Location - 45.142764 -116.344982



RV can be seen here.


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