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Won’t start by key , roll start works fine

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1999 Cummins 24 valve , quadzilla , 100hp injectors, nv4500, air dog 150


when I try to start my truck with key half the time it will fire right up other half it will turn over for ever and won’t go .


dont believe it’s a prime problem as I checked for leaks and made sure everything was tight , you can turn truck off for half a second and try to start , just turns over 


but if I roll start it , it fires right up no problem ??????? 

cleaned all batt cable ends ,and grounds 

help please it’s geting annoying 

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ignition issue on the column?


have you tried putting the key in run, use a wrench and jumps the poles on the starter to see if its not the starter? if jumping poles on the starter works, its something between the key ignition and starter, possibly a relay?

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  • Administrator

There is a starter solenoid fuse in the PDC. There is a starter solenoid relay in the PDC


Then when in the start position the key switch should be giving power to the ECM, PCM and VP44


See the switch with the light blue lead than is the lead back into to the dash fuse panel for fuse 11.

Power Distribution wiring map 1999 Dodge Ram

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