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Okay so I purchased this 2001 6 speed in January. Well first week of March it caught in fire. Don’t know the cause of it. Engine related. I replaced every single sensor with a 2002 parts truck I had. Replaced both ecm and pcm wiring with the ecm and pcm off of that 2002 into my 01 to make sure everything would be happy. So I have a complete 2002 engine bay in my 01 electronics wise. I have a NO BUS on my cluster after the mileage flashes 3-4 times. I have unplugged the firewall plugs and wiped them off. I have unplugged the pcm connectors and wiped them off. I have even gotten another 2002 ecm and plugged it in with same results. I have also tried the 2001 pcm with the same results. What am I missing here? I even put the cluster out of the 02 into my 01 and same results? I did the cluster CHEC and it showed 920-921-999 in that order. And stays on 999 until I turn the key off. 

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