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Last week Threadzy was kind enough to send me his used 8-blade HX35.  I should receive it today (I'll get you paid today for the shipping, @Threadzy!).  I want to build this turbo for the sense of satisfaction, even if it costs a little more than buying a different one.  I don't golf, I don't spend money on hunting, so if I want to spend some money in a silly way, I chalk it up to "hobby".  Now, it's an absolute waste of money I'm willing to find the next sucker and pass it along!  On to my questions if this isn't a terrible idea...

  1. I know it needs a wastegate actuator.  Is there a preferred brand/style/vendor?  I'm not wanting to spend $200, but am willing to step up some from a stock unit, if recommended.
  2. It needs a rebuild kit, plan to buy this Holset kit:  https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00M9NJ1VK/ref=ox_sc_act_title_4?smid=A2CRRCPAMUXUH6&psc=1
  3. From photos, it appears that the turbine wheel got into the housing.  If it's gouged real bad, would this Turbo Lab replacement be okay to take me to an HX40 style downpipe?  http://turbolabofamerica.com/category/holset/holset-hx35/hx35-turbine-housing-exhaust-housing/  It's about $180 on Amazon.
  4. What type of turbine wheel and shaft should I be looking for?  11 blade?  12 blade?  Prefer Holset quality.
  5. Since I have a Quad, am now looking to upgrade injectors (7x.010 since @Me78569 recommends them so much).  If I go that route, should I actually make this an HX35/40 hybrid?
  6. I figure the closer I get my truck to M1973M's truck, the better off I'll be for getting help :whistle2:

However, I'm not looking for 500-600 HP.  More than anything I want a reliable, relatively fuel efficient truck that can tow up to possibly 10k pounds as that would put me at the limit of my 18k pound tags.  In reality that would be very rare and relatively short distances, like taking tractor somewhere.  If I can do all that have 500 HP, great!

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Don’t thank me till you see it! 😂 but you are welcome. The exhaust housing should be fine. I believe it’s the compressor housing is what has the grove from the compressor wheel. Once you get it torn down you’ll see what all needs to be done. If you went the hybrid option if the exhaust housing is good. Is all you would need is the HX 40 compressor housing , compressor wheel and turbine wheel. You’ll want to get a balanced rotating assembly. That would get you the 60/60/12.  Turbo lab should be able to send you one. The Holset  rebuild kit you posted will work for either the HX35 and the hybrid build. 

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2 minutes ago, Threadzy said:

it’s the compressor housing is what has the grove from the compressor wheel

I guess I "misremembered" what you told me before!  I just sent you the money on PayPal. I don't know why, but thought the 35/40 hybrid was a 40 turbine and 35 compressor.  I suppose that makes no sense now that I think about it, especially knowing that M1973M is at a higher elevation, where I understand a larger compressor is beneficial.

Once I read this site's recommendations for a couple of days I'll call Turbo Lab to order the needed parts.  Knowing I can tune down injectors, I may keep this as the most budget of builds.  Anything more than my old HY35 has GOT to be an improvement.

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Yes I received the payment. Thank you!  Yes anything will be better than an HY. I ran 7x.09 Dap injectors with an HX35. Ran real good! I bought the injectors used otherwise I would have gone straight to the 7x.10’s I have now. I gave the HX to my brother in law. He has an ‘02 as well. Yes the Quadzilla makes these trucks much more user friendly. Especially when you upgrade turbos and injectors. Mine is completely smoke free! No wiretap being I just replaced the VP44 recently. Still runs great. It maxes out boost around 32-35 psi. If I were you I’d get a stock wastegate diaphragm and run a boost elbow and or a turnbuckle with a heavy duty spring. Much cheaper than a adjustable wastegate. 

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23 minutes ago, LorenS said:

I don't know why, but thought the 35/40 hybrid was a 40 turbine and 35 compressor. 


Backwards. HX40 compressor wheel and HX35 turbine shaft which is stronger shaft than the HX40. Hence this combo gives the effect of HX40 compressor with the stornger shaft of the HX35. Which is nearly the same of HE351.

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On the actuator, stock is probably fine with the adjustable boost elbow.... unless 20 psi seems appealing for some reason. That is unless a new actuator can be had at a higher pressure for less money that the stock/elbow option.


Though, with the elbow, you can change and fine tune in the future.

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