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Hey fellas back again with a question for yas seems how this seems to be the only place to get any 24v info but The issue that I am having is this weekend at the dunes i was driving around and had bad terminals truck wouldnt start monkeyed with them long story short forgot to tighten nut that i had 12v power going to quadzilla. drove fine and then i shut it off... when i tried to start truck first thing the key was backwards all lights on dash lit when key was off and got a constant noise from fuel system relay when turned on nothing i unpluged tuner from fuse block in cab(engine fuse 9) and just plugged normal fuse in and all was normal just wouldnt roll over after plugging back in i finally got  it to start and it lopes at idle horribly give it a bit of peddal and it lopes worse and idle gets stuck at about 1100 and you give it a bit more peddal and its balls to the wall just trying to figure out if i maybe short circuited the tuner and fried it or if i fried the pcm, any info would be great before I started spending money on trial and error trying to figure this out


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