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So I've had my fuel pressure kit for my quad for about a year and a half. Last week the sender died and all it shows is 100 PSI


After contacting the company,  the only response I got was essentially 'tough luck'. I really hate to spend another $70 on it, so long story short, has anyone had luck with any other senders? 

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All electric sender MUST NOT be install right at the VP44 it will beat the sensor to death every time. You must remote mount and plumb them. The water hammer pulses at about 600 times a second so the distance is added for that to fade out. Like yelling out side you can be heard good at a short range bit a mile and farther away it could be hard to heard some one yelling. The other sensor here in my boost pressure. The reason for this if I need to test any sensor I can place a tee in the line and hook up mechanical gauge and test the sensor for accuracy.




Mine are located on the fender. There is 6 feet of 1/8" air brake line to the snubber is installed at the tap point. I'm using a sinstered metal snubber. I do have also a cut off valve for safety. 




This has been working now for over 10 years no issues. Same sensor and never been replaced. 


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I understand what you are saying, and maybe I'll do something similar when I get mine replaced. As of now, I have it plumbed into the outlet of the fuel filter, which according to the directions should be fine. 


Are you using the sender that Quadzilla supplies? While I've been very happy with the Quad, and all the other customer service I've received from them, this experience does not have me excited to buy another sender from them. 

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Changed the transducer with one I got off Amazon, believe it was made by Autex. Seems to be working fine, although it does show a few psi lower than what I've previously been seeing. 


Most interesting though was the sender that I removed. When I removed the wiring it was dripping diesel through the sensor. Appears as though it's had a mechanical failure

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