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So I've been trying to get my truck going, and it's been hell. 

I bought a set of 150hp injector tips, and used the pop tester at school to set the pop off pressures (all were at or just under 4500psi,stock recommended pressure), put them in along with new o-rings, and copper washers. 

I got the truck started, and it idles great. But as soon as I roll on the throttle, it pops, sputters, tons of smoke. Its been doing this, and I've pulled it apart about three times checking to make sure I didn't rip or tear any o-rings during assembly.  So far everything looks good, everything is torqued to spec. Fuel pressure is a steady 20 psi. 

Do I suspect the injection pump now? Or where else would you all recommend looking? 

I will say when the truck was running, every now and then it would sputter badly, and tons of white smoke would come out of the exhaust. If I turned the truck off then on again, it would clear up. I suspect the timing piston is seizing up in the pump, but I'm not 100% sure either. 

Thanks for the help! 


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Quadzilla is unhooked, and the only codes it's throwing is the map and boost sensor codes because quadzilla isn't hooked up.

I talked to a local mechanic, and he suggested try a crankshaft position sensor? I did replace the camshaft position sensor whilst trying to diagnose this problem.

BTW, which sensor feeds the tach signal? Mine is working, but I'm just curious.

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