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Interference fit required for wheel hub assembly to knuckle?

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Manufacturer of new hub assemblies for my 1999 Ram 2500 4X with TD says it's okay to have slop between the hub and knuckle since the four bolts

will hold the hub in place, no problem.  I say baloney, since the bolts should not be subject to any shear load, the purpose of the chamfered faces between

the hub and knuckle.  Additionally, OEM interference fit caused large problem in getting hub removed from knuckle.  Unclear in Shop Manual

whether interference fit required.  Request advise.

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It is not an interference fit, but the center hole should not be so large as to allow the bolts to be in shear. 


For Sh%^S and giggles let us say that the hub receiving hole is .005" larger in diameter than the hub going in. 


The bolt holes have .025" (or more) of clearance all around.  (Just looked it up, Metric standard is for through hole is 1.5mm larger (0.059") than the fastener.)    The hub will engage the knuckle and the bolt holes' clearance will reduce to 0.020" (on one side) and increase to 0.030" on the other.  You will be fine.




Factory fit was NOT interference, but anti seize was not applied at time of assembly, and oxidation bonded the two close fitting diameters

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