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Fuel Article - Building Datalog Graphs From Quadzilla

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Looking to buy a Quadzilla here is the links back to Quadzilla Power. 


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2002 Dodge Ram Quadzilla Adrenaline $699.99






Firstly you need excel on a computer.


1. Start by opening your datalog,





2. The delete the columns you dont want in the reports





3. select the datarange you want to graph on,  I would ensure you don't select more than 75 ish rows.  too many rows results in a junky looking graph

Select data.PNG



4. Click insert > then graph > then select any of the graphs down arrows and select "more xxxx charts..."

select chart.PNG




5. In the chart select, choose "Combo" then choose what sensors have what type of graph.  I like lines except for Canbus Fuel.  Ensure you select Secondary Axis for sensors with ranges above ~1000, IE egt's can be up to 2k, rpm 4k    This will make sure your graph data is viewable.

build chart.PNG




6. If you want to add data lables, right click line / bar > add data labels 

add datalabel.PNG

7. If you want to compare 2 data logs, you can copy and paste a dataset that has been select ( step 3) and paste it into another table.  


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