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Electrical/performance issues with swap.


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Joined because I know many here are well experienced and knowledgeable. Been reading not as a member for a while.


I have a 77 1 ton jeep pickup I put a 94 12v auto in. Everything worked fine, took batteries out this spring to paint motor and add some parts over summer. Now I have no overdrive, alternator charged for a bit, now doesn't charge. My brother put in batteries and hooked negative to positive of other battery, giving it 24 volts for couple days before I noticed it. Truck wasn't run like this but I noticed it because the FSS went up in smoke with ignition on.


Has no power to FSS, TPS, ESS or transmission sensors. Grounds for sensors are OK. Computer is getting power. Coolant sensor gets power from PCM, test light blinks with ignition on and is steady on with truck running. I'm not an electrical guru and unfortunately guy who wired it passed away. Can't read codes because no data link due to swap. Alternator charged for bit, now stopped. Has external voltage regulator from 80's truck, receives no power. Saw brown and black wire coming from starter, brown was cut. Couldnt remember if I cut it this spring. read prosource doc said brown was grounded. Grounded to starter solenoid, nothing. Started truck and damn near burned up starter as it kept running as truck was running and couldn't shut it off till I yanked off wire. Touched again to neg to see if it would start, nothing. Acted like before. Pos or neg, nothing.


As for performance issues, I added/did the following:


*ATI super damper

*Dual feed 1/2" big line kit from fuel filter to P pump.

*full travel rack plug

*tork tek adjustable ofv

*double flat washer on diaphragm

*deleted boost line from turbo to AFC. Only has boost line from AFC going to intake

*Even took out fuel plate and AFC arm and put npt plug in turbo deleting wastegate.

*made sure FSS lever on pump is full open


Makes more power than before, but basically no smoke from take off which isnt right should be fueling way harder. Fuel pressure was 25-30. But stayed at that regardless if you floored it or were just idling at a stop. Should have far more power. Need it for heavy bias 40"s locked front and rear. Unfortunately no intercooler right now as no room. Will run water to air under hood. Noticed block heater was shorted when I tried to use it, worked before. Just pops breaker. Also appears like p pump is leaking diesel where it bolts motor/timing cover. Doesn't look like rack plug or front fuel inlet. Basically this has been a nightmare. I wish I could tear all this computer garbage out. I'm in Minnesota if anyone is near.



Appreciate any input.

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