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Windshield Washer Reservoir Leak at Sensor.

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Might try removing the rubber grommet and then use a bit of sealant like seal-all or silicone (light amounts). Then reassemble and see if that works. If the rubber is truly gone and rotten then you might have to hit the part number books in the article section hunt down the part number for it and then do a web search for that part number and see what pops up. 

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15 minutes ago, Leaky88 said:


Where did you buy the bottle?






I got it from Rock Auto for $15.57 (CH1288112) but I see they have raised the price, maybe a different vendor.




Here is one from Parts Geek:



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3 hours ago, Leaky88 said:

Mine leaks where barb enters tank.
Can the grommet be replaced, if so where might I find replacement.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks Leaky


Looks like Leaky has a leaky. Mine is leaking too. I believe from the same area. Just cant seem to get to it. My lawn mower is getting all of the attention lately. Almost done on it though.

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it’s all good. 

If something is not dripping from these diesels, the engine should not be turned over.


I have not timed the duration, but it appears to be a drip, a pause, a drip, vice drip,drip, drip.


 I just want the fluid level to drip below sensor so I can examine/replace the grommet.  If I pull the sensor now, it will go gush, gush, gush, and Ill go cuss, cuss, cuss.

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